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Isabelle Panneton: Travaux et jeux de gravité
Inouk Demers: Lo que vendrá
Jean Lesage: Vanitas
José Evangelista: Alap & Gat


ACD2 2242

Since its creation, the Nouvel Ensemble Moderne (NEM) has been devoting an important place to premieres and local composers. This album presents four works commissioned by the NEM from composers Isabelle Panneton, José Evangelista, Inouk Demers, and Jean Lesage, two of these as part of the ensemble's “Grand concert annuel,” another as a co-commission with the “Fondation Royaumont,” and the last one for the event “Présences” presented in Paris in early 2003.

Established in 1989 by pianist and conductor Lorraine Vaillancourt, the NEM became the first permanent chamber orchestra featuring an exclusively contemporary repertoire in Canada. This is their third recording for ATMA.

Isabelle Panneton (1955)
[ 1]-[ 3] Travaux et jeux de gravité     15:16
        (pour orchestre de chambre | for chamber orchestra)

Inouk Demers: (1970)
[ 4] Lo que vendrá     13:47
        (pour flûte, clarinet, percussion, piano et quatuor à cordes |
        for flute, clarinet, percussion, piano and string quartet)

Jean Lesage: (1958)
[ 5] Vanitas     15:36
        (pour orchestre de chambre | for chamber orchestra)

José Evangelista: (1943)
[ 6]-[ 7] Alap & Gat     16:07
        (pour orchestre de chambre | for chamber orchestra)

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