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Nouveaux Territories - 01
Sokolovic, Klanac, Lesage, Chan

Ensemble contemporain de Montréal
Véronique Lacroix - chef

ACD2 2229

Certain musical territories have yet to be explored and composers all over the world are determined to discover them. The original and potent works they bring back from these new continents breathe new life into our musical horizon. …

The Canadian composers brought together on this record … are part of the same generation; their works are characterized by a great diversity of style, communicative lyrical approach and rhythmic treatment, as well as a stimulating freedom of expression.

© Véronique Lacroix
Artistic Director, ECM

Ana Sokolovic
  1. Géométrie sentimentale (1997)     15:30

Pierre Klanac
  2. La joie éclatante des jeunes époux (1999)     13:02

Jean Lesage
  3. Masques et chimères (1996)     14:30

Ka Nin Chan
  4. Par-ci, par-là (1996)     15:57

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