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Montañés - Evangelista - De Falla

Odette Beaupré - mezzo-soprano
Ensemble contemporain de Montréal
Véronique Lacroix - chef / conductor

ACD2 2146

Al-Hamra (1994)
for flute (and piccolo), oboe, French horn, trumpet, percussion, piano and strings.
Once upon a time, long, long ago, in the mid-eighth century, a Moorish king decided to build a castle on the summit of a red hill. From its high walls, one could see the city of Granada, and from atop of its great tower, glimpse at the "Sierra Nevada" to the north and the sea to the south. When the king died, his successor added to the castle, and at his death, yet another did the same. Such did king after king, each outdoing his predecessor, until the last Moorish king was expelled from Granada in 1492 by the Catholic kings. Al-Hamra*, the Moorish palace of the red hill, was conquered.

The castle of the red hill had become, after eight centuries, a veritable palace, with its distinctive odours, its flowers, its fountains and cascades... Nowhere else could one find such a penetrating and tantalising beauty.

A few centuries later - not so long ago, in fact - my father decided to take me on a visit to the Al-Hamra. I was ten years old. Nineteen times I returned to the Al-Hamra, and would still go back yet again.

This piece is an abstract representation of memories and impressions, lost in time and space, that remain from my visits to the Al-Hamra.

* Al-Hamra, as I spell it. is a reference to the palace of Al-Hambra in Granada, Spain.

J.-M. Montañés
The commission of this work was made possible thanks to a grant from the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec.

José-Manuel Montañés
  1. Al-Hamra (1994)     14:59

José Evangelista
Ramillete de canciones poulares (1989)
  2. Charrada (Salamanca)     0:36
  3. Ya los suben, ya los bajan (Salamanca)     1:25
  4. Romance de Don Pedro (Badajoz)     1:34
  5. En Jijona, segando (Alicante)     2:08
  6. A la mitja nit (Castellón)     0:33
  7. Adiós, meu homiño (Galicia)     1:37
  8. Mi carbonero madre (León)     0:44

Mauel de Falla
El Amor Brujo
(Première version / First version, 1915)
Premier tableau / First tableau
  9. Intoduction et Scène / Introduction and scene     2:37
10. Chanson du chagrin d'amour / Song of Sorrowful Love     1:25
11. Sortilège / Sortilege     0:48
12. Danse de la fin du jour / Dance of Day's End     3:39
13. Scène / Scene     1:03
14. Romance du pêcheur / Fisherman's Romance     2:13
15. Intermède / Intermezzo     3:59

Deuxième tableau / Second tableau
16. Intoduction / Introduction     0:33
17. Scène / Scene     1:25
18. Danse du feu follet / Dance of the Will-o'-the-wisp     1:45
19. Interlude / Interlude     0:34
20. Chanson du feu follet / Song of the Will-o'-the-wisp     3:16
21. Excorcisme pour reconquérir l'amour perdu /
Conjuration for the Reconquest of Lost Love     3:10
22. Scène / Scene     0:56
23. Danse et Chanson de la fausse sorcière /
Dance and Song of the Feigned Sorceress     3:49
24. Finale / Finale     1:15

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