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Boulez - Stravinski - Berio
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Julie-Anne Derome - violon / violin

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For almost three hundred years, the violin has played a central role among musical instruments. Issued of the workshops of the celebrated luthiers of Brescia and Cremona, now regarded as the apotheosis of the evolution of Western bowed instruments, the modern violin was borne to us on the tide of the 17th and 18th centuries. The intrinsic sophistication of the violin has given rise to a repertoire which primarily focuses on the display of its instrumental advantages. Rarely relegated to second place it is the violin of all the stringed instruments which is at the heart of our musical imagination. The almost mystical aura which surrounds the instrument, the great masters who have written for it and the most striking performers - in particular Paganini who ingeniously united these two aptitudes - have all combined to tread for the violin a path of kingly virtuosity.

Thus when composers came, in the second half of the 20th century, to venture into new territories of violin literature, they were naturally inclined towards the pushing back of boundaries, often making extreme technical demands. Performers found themselves adapting traditional methods to meet the challenge of these new modes of playing. Today therefore we look on in amazement as the violinist reveals to us the seemingly limitless capacities of the human machine.

© Dominique Olivier
Translation: Jaques-André Houle

Daniel Göritz
Silhouettes (5 pièces) 1996     10:39
Dédiée à / Dedicated to Julie Anne Dermoe
  1. No. 1     1:23
  2. No. 2     3:23
  3. No. 3     2:10
  4. No. 4     2:49
  5. No. 5     1:13

Pierre Boulez
  6. Anthèmes 1992     10:00

Igor Stravinski
  7. Elégie 1994     4:46

Jean Lesage
  8. Ivresses, Songes, Sourdes nuits 1994     6:19
Dédiée à / Dedicated to Julie Anne Derome

Luciano Berio
  9. Sequenza VIII 1976     17.12

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