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AIX 83039 Cover
The Carl Verheyen Band

Rumor Mill

AIX 83039

AIX Records Collectors Edition - 2 Double Sided Discs

Carl Verheyen, vocals and guitars
Cliff Hugo, vocals and bass
Bernie Dresel, drums
Jim Cox, Hammond B-3

The band is fronted by Carl Verheyen, guitarist and vocaliats from Supertramp and studio player to the stars.   With Cliff Hugo, also from Supertramp, on bass and vocals, and Bernie Dresel, drummer from the Brian Setzer Orchestra and Trio, this band plays acoustically and in front of a live audience on this DVD-Audio/Video project.  

  • Live Concert Performance and Studio Session Recordings
  • 96 kHz/24-Bits PCM Stereo Mix compatible with all DVD players
  • Compatible with DVD-Audio and DVD-Video players
  • One Side Compatible with CD Players
  • Guitar Demonstrations (Part of Carl's Vintage Collection)
  • Guitar Master Class
  • Photo Gallery
  • Extensive Artist Bios
  • Complete Session Video
  • Alternate 5.1 channel surround mixes “Stage” and “Audience” Point Of View
  • Extensive Interactive Liner Notes on the Performers, Session and Technical Info
  • Complete information on the DVD format, 5.1 channel surround and Setup Instructions

  • Disc One - DVD-Video
    Side One [Light Blue Side Up] - Interactive Program
    Side Two [Dark Blue Side Up] - Linear Program
    Disc Two - DuaIDisc/CD-Audio and DVD-Audio
    Side One [Green Side Up] - CD-Audio Tracks
    Side Two [Red Side Up] - DVD-Audio Tracks
    [DVD~Audio player required]

    Song List
    Acoustic Session
    Wild Flower #2
    Henry's Farm
    Silence Is Golden
    Two Trains

    Electric Session
    Lone Star
    Holly House
    Passing Through
    Slang Justice

    Live Concert
    Down Like Hail
    Revival Downs
    No Walkin Blues
    Highland Shuffle
    Maggies Ladder
    Place For Me
    Rumor Mill [with 16:9 video]
    Wasted Blues

    To assist everyone who purchases an AIX recording to obtain the best possible sound, the company includes an extensive series of system set-up and check tracks on every disc.
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