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AIX 81007 Cover
The Carl Verheyen Band

Take One Step

AIX 81007

AIX Records Special Edition - 2 Single Sided Discs

Carl Verheyen, vocals and guitars
Cliff Hugo, vocals and bass
Bernie Dresel, drums & percussion
Jim Cox, Hammond B-3 & keyboards
Mark Hart, Craig Copeland, Naomi Star, backing vocals

This is not the usual type of project from AIX Records.   As Carl's fans know, AIX produced a killer Collectors Edition DVD.   The disc has won several prestigious awards and been extremely successful for both Carl and AIX.   So when it came time for another record, Carl headed back into the studio and cranked out 10 new tunes recorded in the traditional multi-tracking method.   But rather than simply put out another CD, Carl asked me to collaborate with him on creating a deluxe CD/DVD package complete with behind-the-scenes video, multiple surround sound mixes and a feature rich disc.   “Take One Step” is the result, ten new tunes presented in a more traditional CD version mixed by Bernie Mathews, Carl's long time engineer, and a high-resolution, 5.1 surround version handled by our team at AIX.   You get it all with this double disc set.
Mark Waldrep - AIX Records

  • 2-discs: An enhanced CD and a DVD-Audio/Video
  • 96 kHz/24 Bits PCM Stereo Mix compatible with all DVD players
  • Alternate 5.1 channel surround mixes "Stage" and "Audience" POV
  • A 52-minute "Making Of" video of the studio sessions
  • Extensive interviews with the players
  • Song Introductions
  • Charts of selected tunes in PDF format
  • Pre-Ripped MP3s
  • Live footage from recent performances
  • Compatible with DVD-Audio and DVD-Video players
  • Ringtones
  • Discography
  • Web Connections

  • Disc One - Enhance CD
    Includes trailer for “Rumour Mill” DVD
    MP3 files for all tracks - ring tone
    pdf files of 3 charts
    Disc Two - DVD-Audio Video
    50 Minute “Making of” Letterbox 116.91 Video
    5.1 Surround Sound MLP “Stage” Point Of View [Requires DVD-Audio]
    5.1 Surround Sound Dolby Digital “Audience” Point Of View
    5,1 Surround Sound DTS “Stage” Point Of View
    96 kHz/24 bits /2.0 “Stereo” Mix (PCM)
    Bonus Features:
    Interviews, Photo Gallery, Discography
    Live Show Footage, Song Intos & More

    Song List
    01. Georgiašs Reel (Just A Start)
    02. The Code
    03. You Bring Me Down
    04. In The Stream
    05. Take One Step
    06. Lighthouse
    07. Dusk (Two Views Of The Canyon): Part 1
    08. Dusk (Two Views Of The Canyon): Part 2
    09. Topanga Hoedown
    10. Bells Of April

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