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Gregorian Chant for Lent and Holy Week

Consortium Vocale Oslo
Alexander M. Schweitzer
Mario Guillermo Ojeda — soloist


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Gregorian chant, in its all-embracing spirituality and poetry, appeals to the deeper levels of the human heart.   Monks in the Middle Ages composed and performed this music as an integrated part of their daily occupation with Sacred Scripture.   Throughout the centuries Gregorian chant has enriched and deepened the liturgy of the church, and has been a source of inspiration in every period of European music history.   Under the leadership of Alexander M. Schweitzer Consortium Vocale presents chants from the five Sundays of Lent, Palm Sunday and Good Friday, recorded in the medieval church at Ringsaker in Norway.

Consortium Vocale Oslo is the male vocal ensemble of Oslo Cathedral.   Under the leadership of Alexander M. Schweitzer, the group since 1998 has specialised in the study of Gregorian chant.   Consortium Vocale Oslo is a member of the International Society for the Study of Gregorian Chant (AISCGre) and bases its interpretation of this music on the evidence of the early manuscripts.   The ensemble has performed in concert and in liturgy in a number of European countries.   In 2002 Consortium Vocale Oslo together with Schweitzer released the CD Laus mea Dominus on the British label ASV Gaudeamus.   At the international choral competition Guido di Arezzo in Arezzo, Italy in 2004 the ensemble was awarded first prize in the category “Canto monodico cristiano” as well as the special prize “Domenico Cieri”.

Consortium Vocale Oslo
Hans M. Borchgrevink, Kjell Viig, Øyvin Stray-Pedersen, Andrew Smith, Mario Guillermo Ojeda (soloist), Ásgeir Bragason, Steinar Echholt, Alf Howlid.

Further information on Consortium Vocale Oslo may be found at www.consortiumvocale.no
Consortium Vocale Oslo is supported by Arts Council Norway and Oslo Cathedral.

Alexander Markus Schweitzer is a theologian who, since the mid-1980s, has specialised in Gregorian chant.   He completed courses in Gregorian chant run by the International Society for the Study of Gregorian Chant (AISCGre), studied musicology at the Pontifical Institute for Church Music in Rome and studied Gregorian semiology with J. B. Göschl in Munich.   He founded and directed various Gregorian ensembles in Germany and in Italy, and has worked regularly with Consortium Vocale Oslo since 1998.

Schweitzer teaches Gregorian chant in various institutions in Germany, Italy and Norway.   Since 1999 he has been a member of the AISCGre Melody Restoration Committee, and a board member of the AISCGre.

First Sunday of Lent — Invocabit
01. INTROITUS Invocabit me     2:47
02. GRADUALE Angelis suis     3:58

Second Sunday of Lent — Reminiscere
03. INTROITUS Reminiscere     3:33
04. COMMUNIO Visionem quam vidistis     1:24

Third Sunday of Lent — Oculi
05. INTROITUS Oculi mei     13:36
06. GRADUALE Exsurge Domine     15:53

Fourth Sunday of Lent — Laetare
07. INTROITUS Laetare Ierusalem     13:52
08. KYRIE XVII A Kyrie salve     11:33
09. GRADUALE Laetatus sum     12:55
10. TRACTUS Qui confidunt     13:21
11. EVANGELIUM De caeco nato     15:03
12. OFFERTORIUM Laudate Dominum     13:47
13. Oratio super oblata - Praefatio - SANCTUS XII     14:21
14. AGNUS DEI XII Pater cuncta     11:10
15. COMMUNIO Lutum fecit     11:33

Fifth Sunday of Lent — Iudica
16. INTROITUS Iudica me     13:12
17. COMMUNIO Videns Dominus     12:19

Palm Sunday — Palmarum
18. OFFERTORIUM Improperium     15:04

Good Friday
19. IMPROPERIA Popule meus - Trishagion     14:57
20. HYMNUS Crux fidelis     15:06
21. GRADUALE Christus factus est     13:23

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