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PK SVENSEN trombone
conductors Terje Boye Hansen and Christoph König


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In Norwegian folk tales Espen Askeladd (Boots) is one of the most famous and reoccurring figures.   “I found! I found!” he exclaims, finding and taking care of any kind of objects everybody else would not even take notice of.   Espen possesses a kind of creative intuition that makes him capable of outwitting and conquering any kind of negative powers that might come his way.   Through bypassing rationality he achieves his goals.   He acts respectfully towards and cooperates well with all the scurrile figures in his path and never turns down the odd ones.   These Askeladden's creative virtues have been at the centre of considerations when preliminary work on the present CD started some years ago.   Four contemporary Norwegian pieces for trombone and orchestra - two of them entirely new - are given simultaneously.

The trombone is a sonorous, mind-boggling and graphic musical instrument perfectly suited for solo performances in concert.   In spite of its long and distinguished career - trombones were already in frequent use in Venice throughout the 16th century - the contemporary trombone repertoire has been somewhat lacking in quantity.   That is why outstanding virtuosos have been of immense importance for getting new works written for the instrument: In Mozart's lifetimes the famous player Thomas Gschladt inspired several composers to write for the trombone, as did Mendelssohn's favourite bass trombone player Karl Traugott Queisser, two generations later.   PK (Per Kristian) Svensen, therefore, stands in a brilliant tradition as he himself also has been encouraging composers to focus on the trombone as a solo performance instrument.   Two of the works presented on this disc have been written for him.

PK Svensen was born and raised in Stavanger, Norway, and started playing as an apprentice in the Eiganes school band.   After finishing school he commenced his professional studies at the Rogaland Conservatory under Leif Værum Larsen and at the Music Academy of Gothenburg, Sweden, under Ingemar Roos, before completing his musical education with one year of in-depth studies at the NCOS Orchestral School in London, England. For five years he worked as a freelance musician, music teacher and bandmaster in his home municipality of Rogaland before being appointed principal trombone with the Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra in Sweden.   Since 1995 he has been principal with the Swedish Malmö Symphony Orchestra.

Wolfgang Plagge
Concerto for Trombone & Orchestra, op.138

01. Giusto     6:41
02. Moderato     11:05
03. Brioso     6:25

Egil Hovland
Concerto for Trombone & Orchestra, op.76 *

04. I     8:20
05. II     5:41
06. III     6:28

Magne Amdahl
07. Elegi     4:02

Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen
Fanfares and Fairytales - Concerto No. 2 for Trombone & Orchestra

08. Scherzando energico     10:34
09. Cadenza     3:09     (Bo Håkansson percussion)
10. Tranquillo - Energico     9:59

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