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The life and times of Sergei Prokofiev was to become heavily influenced by the dramatic historical events taking place in his life time. Europe, and especially his native Russia, underwent its bloodiest century yet, with economic depressions, two world wars and revolutions.   Still, what formed the greatest strain to Prokofiev personally as a man and musician, was the physical and psychological terror of the Stalin era.   Seen in this light it is something of an irony of history that Stalin and Prokofiev both died the same night in 1953.

Steffen Horn was born in 1976 and represents the younger generation of Norwegian top rated musicians.   He studied at the Barratt Due Institute in Oslo with the Czech professor Jiri Hlinka, won a number of national and international prizes, and enjoys an active career as a recitalist and soloist all over Europe and Asia. Contrary to many of his peers he also takes a keen interest in rarely performed music, and has a particular love for the sonorous piano settings of the 19th and 20th centuries.


Sonate No. 4 op. 29 (D'apres des vieux cahiers)
1. Allegro molto sostenuto     5:58
2. Andante assai     8:50
3. Allegro con brio, ma non leggiere     3:57

Sonate No. 6 op. 82
4. Allegro moderato     7:19
5. Allegretto     4:41
6. Tempo di valzer lentissimo     8:02
7. Vivace     6:38

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